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Making peace and noise since 1987!
Like Kustannus (Like Publishing Ltd) is a gutsy, offbeat general publisher that broadens readers’ awareness with non-fiction, works of popular culture, literature, and comic books.
Like’s books seek out unknown currents and fresh paths for ideas and culture.
Its palette embraces rock’n’roll, crime, love, dark humour, humanism, global responsibility, general radicalism, light and shadows – everything that broadens horizons and illuminates the doors of perception, opens hearts and enriches humanity.

Like was founded in 1987, originally to publish books on cinema. The publishing profile was quickly expanded with 120 titles a year and nowadays Like is one of the largest general interest publishers in Finland.

Like is known for its bold publishing profile, which includes both Finnish and translated fiction, as well as books on contemporary and popular music, cinema, theater, and socially aware, political works.

All in all, Like has published almost two thousand titles, including translations from more than twenty languages, thus making an invaluable contribution to Finnish literary culture.

Foreign authors translated and published by Like include Anna Politkovskaya, Noam Chomsky, Junot Díaz, Marguerite Duras, Jean Genet, James Ellroy, Arnost Lustig, Saul Williams, Vladimir Sorokin, Anthony Burgess, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Luigi Pirandello, Mark Kurlansky, Anthony de Mello, and Jonathan Glover. Imbi Paju´s Memories Denied is originally published by Like. The most known Finnish authors are Sofi Oksanen and Antti Tuomainen.

Information of our books in English in OGA catalogues: Year 2012, Spring 2013

The foreign rights of LIKEs Finnish books are represented by OTAVA GROUP AGENCY:
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Publishing Director Päivi Paappanen, paivi.paappanen (at)
PR Manager: Kaisu-Maria Toiskallio, kaisu-maria.toiskallio(at)

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